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21 Dec 08 My New Digital Still Camera – Samsung S760

You might have noticed my dream camera in my Wish List. Its Olympus E520 DSLR and its cost (along with extra lens) is around $650 (Rs. 32,000). Its the cheapest DSLR available, but still its little bit costly for me.  And I knew that it would take some time for me to save money to buy it.

But till then, I can not depend on my mobile phone as it does not have a great camera. So, I finally decided to buy a decent point-and-shoot camera.

I searched for some models and gave some links to my brother Vasu for his opinion. He replied back with link to Samsung S760 and told me that he would buy it. We received it from Sify last saturday, just a day before he returned from Sweden.

It costed us Rs. 4890 along with 1GB memory card. Haven’t used it much in this one week, but will sure share my experiences with it in future. If you are looking for complete details and review about this camera, then check here.

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