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12 Dec 08 Wake Up listening to your favorite Song

Citrus Alarm Clock

Citrus Alarm Clock

Being a very very very lazy guy, I used to wake up at around 7 or 8 AM in the Morning. But three months back, I decided to wake up early and bought traditional Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock idea was successful for 2 months and I was getting up early. But the problem was with the annoying and irritating sound it makes. I used to feel like breaking the clock in to pieces.. Actually I did that a month back, but not intentionally, when I woke from deep sleep at 5′o Clock in the morning. After that, I was back to normal timings (7 to 8 AM). I did not buy new clock as I was happy with out that annoying sound.

Last week, I got an idea and searched google for alarm softwares. First result was Citrus Alarm Clock and I immediately downloaded it. And as expected, it has feature to set a song/mp3 as alarm notification. Only issue with this software is, its 30 day trial version. I might try some other software after it expires.

I have configured it to play “Nanani Neevani” song from Kotha Bagaru Lokam. Its really nice waking up listening to sweet music. Am loving it :)

Update: Couple of my friends asked me whether I will keep my system ON whole night. FYI: My system would be running 24×7 downloading Movies, Games and/or Software and I have BSNL Dataone Home 1350 Unlimited 512/256 kbps internet connection ;)

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