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12 Dec 08 Wake Up listening to your favorite Song

Citrus Alarm Clock

Citrus Alarm Clock

Being a very very very lazy guy, I used to wake up at around 7 or 8 AM in the Morning. But three months back, I decided to wake up early and bought traditional Alarm Clock.

The alarm clock idea was successful for 2 months and I was getting up early. But the problem was with the annoying and irritating sound it makes. I used to feel like breaking the clock in to pieces.. Actually I did that a month back, but not intentionally, when I woke from deep sleep at 5′o Clock in the morning. After that, I was back to normal timings (7 to 8 AM). I did not buy new clock as I was happy with out that annoying sound.

Last week, I got an idea and searched google for alarm softwares. First result was Citrus Alarm Clock and I immediately downloaded it. And as expected, it has feature to set a song/mp3 as alarm notification. Only issue with this software is, its 30 day trial version. I might try some other software after it expires.

I have configured it to play “Nanani Neevani” song from Kotha Bagaru Lokam. Its really nice waking up listening to sweet music. Am loving it :)

Update: Couple of my friends asked me whether I will keep my system ON whole night. FYI: My system would be running 24×7 downloading Movies, Games and/or Software and I have BSNL Dataone Home 1350 Unlimited 512/256 kbps internet connection ;)

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10 Dec 08 My Breakfast Recipe

Some of you know that I have started working out at home 3 months back. And since then, I have drastically changed my food habits..

My Breakfast

My Breakfast

In my search for Healthy meals.. I prepared below recipe for my breakfast.. ofcourse.. by collecting information from Internet and Friends..

Here is the Recipe…

- 1 Glass (~250ml) of Milk
- 1 Scoop (~30g) Whey Protein powder
- 1 Cup Corn Flakes
- 1 Banana
- 1/2 Apple

If my mom prepares Idli, then I avoid Corn Flakes and Apple and take only milk with Why Protien Power and Banana.

In addition to above, I always eat Omelette with 2 eggs everyday morning.

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07 Dec 08 Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

4th December was my friend Srikanth’s Birthday and he promised to treat me and our friend Poornima with Movie and Food. So, today we went to the movie Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Oye Lucky.. Lucky Oye..

Oye Lucky.. Lucky Oye..

It was Poornima’s choice to go to this movie. So, I had booked tickets in Prasadz Screen 5. I was under impression that movie would be average, specially after reading Jeevi’s Review in Idlebrain.

But I was wrong. Or may be its because I had no expectations. The movie was excellent. I enjoyed every minute of the movie. Nice comedy. Abhay Deol was great. Neetu Chandra was cute. I recommend this movie for everyone who loves decent comedy movies. Go and Watch.

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06 Dec 08 Second Post after 20 days :(

Why there are no updates in this blog.

- Am I too busy? Naah.. Don’t think I need to spend whole day for this..
- No good topics to post? There are lots of them.. just that I need to blog about them..
- Not good at blogging? May be true.. but I feel am also not bad at blogging.

What ever may be the reason… I seriously want to make photography and blogging as my hobby… lets see how it goes…

15 Nov 08 Welcome.. My First Post

Hello Everyone.. Finally I decided to start blogging… Hope I will make this is as serious habit and continue…

To know more.. read About page.. Thanks..