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10 Dec 08 My Breakfast Recipe

Some of you know that I have started working out at home 3 months back. And since then, I have drastically changed my food habits..

My Breakfast

My Breakfast

In my search for Healthy meals.. I prepared below recipe for my breakfast.. ofcourse.. by collecting information from Internet and Friends..

Here is the Recipe…

- 1 Glass (~250ml) of Milk
- 1 Scoop (~30g) Whey Protein powder
- 1 Cup Corn Flakes
- 1 Banana
- 1/2 Apple

If my mom prepares Idli, then I avoid Corn Flakes and Apple and take only milk with Why Protien Power and Banana.

In addition to above, I always eat Omelette with 2 eggs everyday morning.

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