Journey of my Life

29 Jul 09 DISQUS – WordPress Comments Manager

I installed DISQUS WordPress Plugin to manage comments in my Blog. Now you can login with DISCUS, FaceBook, Twitter or OpenID to post your comments. You can also comment with out login.

I am gonna use this blog to test these features :)

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02 Jan 09 Happy New Year 2009


Friends, New Year Greetings.. Hope you guys would start doing something useful atleast this year…. like me ;)

haha.. Just Kidding.. Have a Joyful Year.. :)

06 Dec 08 Second Post after 20 days :(

Why there are no updates in this blog.

- Am I too busy? Naah.. Don’t think I need to spend whole day for this..
- No good topics to post? There are lots of them.. just that I need to blog about them..
- Not good at blogging? May be true.. but I feel am also not bad at blogging.

What ever may be the reason… I seriously want to make photography and blogging as my hobby… lets see how it goes…

15 Nov 08 Welcome.. My First Post

Hello Everyone.. Finally I decided to start blogging… Hope I will make this is as serious habit and continue…

To know more.. read About page.. Thanks..