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10 Dec 08 My Breakfast Recipe

Some of you know that I have started working out at home 3 months back. And since then, I have drastically changed my food habits..

My Breakfast

My Breakfast

In my search for Healthy meals.. I prepared below recipe for my breakfast.. ofcourse.. by collecting information from Internet and Friends..

Here is the Recipe…

- 1 Glass (~250ml) of Milk
- 1 Scoop (~30g) Whey Protein powder
- 1 Cup Corn Flakes
- 1 Banana
- 1/2 Apple

If my mom prepares Idli, then I avoid Corn Flakes and Apple and take only milk with Why Protien Power and Banana.

In addition to above, I always eat Omelette with 2 eggs everyday morning.

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  • Ramu

    emanna tintunnavu kadha nuvvu ….
    Whats wrong with you ?
    Pelli kani chesukunnava enti ?

  • jyothi

    hi kishore. good started cooking for urself.. is this ur daily breakfast. or once in a while.. why dont u try my blog.. easy recipes.. good for u.. this will help you after marraige.. all the best..

  • MadhaB

    Good to see a person dying for a sumptuous Hydrabadi Biryani in his pursuit to become healthy has changed his food habbit..
    Definitely a good choice of breakfast – easy to prepare and easy on stomach too…

    by the way I didn’t know you now work from home…

    This is my favourite breakfast too..


  • aditya

    kishore, 12 pack target chestunnava eenti?

  • Kishore Balla

    Yes.. This is my daily breakfast.. except weekends..

    I dont think this can be considered as cooking.. And even for this.. I take help of my mother :)

    And regarding recipes.. you have great collection.. but I did not find recipe for Chicken Kababs.. do you know how to cook them without or with less oil.

  • Kishore Balla

    I never said.. I am working from home.. I was talking about Work Out :D

  • Kishore Balla

    haha… manaki antha scene.. but.. yeah.. am trying to gain fitness :)

  • Kishore Balla

    Naah… Just trying to prove that there can be software engineers with out belly :)

  • Mudit

    Do you know Kishore when I was 5-7 years, but not now, because I can be more intelligent without this:D

  • Rakesh

    Wondering how big u grew. Send me u r latest photo………..

  • Kishore Balla

    I did not grow big. Am still thin. Actually I did lose 6 Kg weight (aka fat) in last 3 months. Now trying to put on weight (aka muscle) :)

  • Abhilash

    Hey Kishore!!!!

    You have already lost so much weight these dayzzz.. do you think you have to loose more???

    Health is wealth anna principle follow avutunnattunav…great!!!


    Keep Rocking…!